The Research Driven Cardano DEX

Accelerating the world’s transition to a fair and efficient financial system for everyone. Researched, designed, and built by traditional finance veterans, quants, and Haskell natives.


A DEX Built Better


The Maladex protocol optimizes concurrency on the Cardano network. Our solution is proven using Amdahl's law; this means that our solution cannot be beaten, only matched. We use this architecture to minimize fees and transaction sizes. All achieved in a completely decentralized manner.

Capital Efficiency

The higher the capital efficiency, the less money is required to perform the same task. We think of money as a source of energy and capital efficiency as engine performance. The higher the efficiency, the more energy is spent on valuable work and less wasted due to system inefficiency.

Powerful and Decentralized

We will provide a high-end investment and financial platform with a rich feature set and complex routing, all while maintaining complete decentralization — a trustless environment is paramount to our values and core product offering.

Mal pools

Join our pools and get the first MAL Tokens

You can join any of our pools and receive MAL tokens right now. Our platform tokens will be allocated at launch. Be one of the first people to get your hands on some MAL.



Future Features

Programmable Swaps

Program market and limit orders, DCA (Dollar-Cost Averaging), stochastic liquidity pools, and algorithmic trading strategies. Unlimited possibilities for automated strategy execution!

High Performance

Invest and trade at scale with a Hydra head side-chain for maximum performance and cross-blockchain bridges.

Meritocratic Governance

DAO governance model based on the proof of merit. Rapid innovation based on decentralization values.

Crypto Indexes

Track the performance of the entire market, market sector, or a group of similar assets, such as DeFi projects, DEXs, NFTs, and any group of instruments.

Synthetic Instruments

Invest in financial instruments which derive their value from land, art, commodities, indexes, stocks, equities, and other financial instruments.

Crypto Derivatives

Engage in options trading, covered calls, collateralized trades, all with optimum efficiency.

Join a community of intelligent investors

We take a huge amount of pride in our community of intelligent investors. On all our social channels we have detailed discussions about the platform, investing, and crypto at large.

Join us in discourse and let's build the future of DeFi together.

Accelerating the world’s transition to a fair and efficient financial system for everyone.